Manhwa Mercenary Enrollment

Manhwa Mercenary Enrollment tells the story of an 8-year-old boy who has to accept the fact that his parents have died in a plane crash.

In the plane crash, he managed to survive but he ended up stranded in a country that was foreign to him. The boy's name is Yu Ijin.

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In that country, many children were forced to become mercenaries to make ends meet. He was forced to follow this.

Yu Ijin has the intention to return to Korea after his condition has stabilized and can send himself to Korea.

However, when he agreed to become a mercenary Yu Ijin had to attend a high school that would teach him the ability to fight and maneuver on the battlefield.

In this school, students will be taught the art of war using the environment around them. Can Yu Ijin survive and be able to return to Korea? 

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