Dom Wind Breaker

Hannam Kang is a junior at Sunny High School and a member of the Humming Bird Crew.

In other translations he is known as Dom Kang.

Dom is a high academy elderly with rather long, brown hair and dark eyes. He wears a band aid on his upper lip to hide his moustache. His usual academy livery consists of black trousers, a white shirt, a maroon buttoned up jacket and a brace of lurkers. Dom especially loves to wear rare Jordans. His hair is longer than utmost of the guys at his academy.

Beore he was in Sunny High, his hair was blanched golden and was frequently incorrect as a university pupil.

latterly on, Dom decided to shave his hair. When they went to the tabernacle and got their uniforms, his musketeers said that he looked like a monk.

Dom is minding towards his musketeers and others and does his stylish to get involved. Some may find him annoying. Dom is considered the uproarious relief of the series. He's frequently sleeping during classes because of his night job at the club. Before, Dom was rude to others and fought frequently until he met Yuna. Because of his passions for her, he does his stylish to change. By acting all generous and kind, he gives her a good picture of himself while he does all the dirty effects behind her reverse. He can be enough merciless and cold when effects get serious what's a strong discrepancy to his usual tone. During the race against Monster, Dom showed how passionate he's about that sport and how talented he actually is when you consider that he could not ride a bike just a month agone .

He occasionally lets his confidence get the better of him but, he's a hardworking and determined individual as he does his stylish to learn how to ride a bike despite the quantum of times he has been injured riding it. He's also someone who does as important training as possible in order to catch up to his musketeers and be a big help for the platoon.

He's a bit susceptible, frequently falling for swindles. But with the help of his father's men, he always gets his vengeance.

Previous to his first big race as a part of the Humming raspberry Crew, Dom wasn't subordinated to the weight of being responsible for others. He'd constantly get into fights and let his father's men take care of themess.However, his father took care of it for him, If he got in trouble in academy. Entering high academy, as a golden haired punk, he met his match in Yuna. She was the first person to believe in his dream of pursuing music. She encouraged him to do well in academy so that he may transfer and pursue music in advanced education.

Walking home one day, he notices Jahyeon Jo from his class being ganged up on and beaten up. He intervenes and wants to join the fight as well. The bully, Taejin Kim, makes to beat Hannam up as well but is stopped by his musketeers. The three leave, and he tries to help Jahyeon only to be brushed off. The two are soon approached by Minu Yun and he explains what had happed. Minu unfeignedly apologizes, but Jahyeon skirmishes him off. Minu tries to get him to seek medical attention, but he continues to refuse. Fed up with their reverse and forth, Hannam takes matters into his own hands and knocks Jahyeon out and carries him over his shoulder like a sack to the drugstore with Minu following.

Dom's father is the Korean fellow of a yakuza leader, and Dom's bond with his father and his members is fairly close in a manner that can be viewed as a domestic relationship.