Character Wind Breaker Jay Jo

Jay is a youthful man with short, straight black hair cut into a mullet. He generally assumes a serious and impassive expression. He appears cold hearted, but veritably much so cares about the musketeers he has and his little family. His minimum expression of emotion does not allow him to articulate his passions veritably well, but occasionally his many words mean a lot. His typical academy livery consists of dark trousers, a white shirt, and a red blazer. His casual clothes is composed of a variety of T- shirts, hoodies, and sportswear. Since he's foresighted, he wears black- rimmed spectacles.

One morning at academy, Jahyeon is approached by Minu Yun who invites him to join his biking crew, he declines and Minu takes his leave. Jahyeon returns to studying but the assignation makes him recall recollections of his uncle. At the end of the day, Minu returns and informs Jahyeon of one of his crew members who had been trash talking his bike and that he'd been challenged to a race. Minu leaves, telling him where the race would take place should he change his mind. Jahyeon arrives at the demesne and fully ignores his opponent. He's introduced to Junsu Lee who explains the mechanics and the route of the race, also the two take their place at the starting line.

When the cog hits the ground, the two are out and the race begins. Taejin Kim designedly bumps a business cone in his direction, but he snappily pushes his bike to shirk, bouncing atop an forthcoming auto- a move that leaves both Junsu and Taejin in unbelief. Approaching a sharp turn, Jahyeon adroitly drifts along the turn, securing his lead in the race.

A upwardly is approaching, and they ignore Junsu's whoops for them to decelerate down. Jahyeon pets upwardly and shifts his bike to descent at the bottom, he kicks off to propel himself forward. Taejin follows suit but he's unfit to control his speed or his bike and crashes against the gate. With his opponent unfit to finish the race, Jahyeon slows down and tardy makes his way to the finish line. When he arrives first, he's quick to leave, but not before reminding Minu not to bother him with any further crew business at academy.