'Wind Breaker' Chapter 468 Vinny Perseverance Is a Weapon


Wind Breaker Chapter 468

Vinny was surprised by the speed of one of the sabbath crew named Kwon Hyuk, He was a graduate of a sports high school therefore his pedaling was different from ordinary amateurs and he was nicknamed a genius.

Vinny who was behind Kwon Hyuk felt like he was racing against Jay Jo, Vinny felt like he was chasing that person.

Wooin who couldn't beat Kwon Hyuk when he was serious advised Vinny to give up.

Vinny who was determined to win the match increased his speed, Vinny's persistence was his weapon.

But Wooin and Joker who were behind did not allow Vinny to catch up with Hyuk.

Will Vinny manage to defeat the Sabbath Crew in chapter 469?