'Return of the Bloodthirsty Police' Chapter 35 English, Gyungsoo Faces Maple Leaf's Delivery Man


Maple Leaf sent people to attack Honjun, Gyungsoo put up a front. In the middle of the article there is a link to read 'Return of the Bloodthirsty Police' chapter 35 in Indonesian.

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In addition to finding a link to read 'Return of the Bloodthirsty Police' or 'Reborn Killer' chapter 35 in English, you can see Honjun's son training with Gyungsoo's team in yesterday's chapter.

In the manhwa 'Return of the Bloodthirsty Police' or 'Reborn Killer' chapter 34, Gyungsoo finally lives together with Honjun.

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Gyungsoo was introduced to Honjun's daughter Hongyeon. This girl seemed to be interested in Gyungsoo.

Hongyeon asked Gyunsoo for permission to come to her father's friend's room to ask some questions.

Apparently, Hongyeon asked about how to become a police officer. This is a question that Gyungsoo cannot answer.

Gyungsoo himself died once and when he woke up he was already a police officer.

He doesn't even have a memory of the person he is living with now.

In addition, Honjun also forbade supporting Hongyoen to become a police officer so Gyungsoo wouldn't answer him.

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But Gyungsoo still invited Hongyeon to practice with his team on Sundays in the hope that Hongyeon would give up being a police officer.

Hongyeon was invited by Gyungsoo to meet Kyunghee, Heejun, and Seonghyun who were doing physical training.

The physical training began, in Gyungsoo attacked Hongyeon right in the liver but Hongyeon was still conscious and he did not give up so easily.

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When the two of them went home, Honjun asked Hongyeon not to get close to a bad guy like Gyungsoo and he said it in front of Gyungsoo.

Gyungsoo felt that someone was snooping around Honjun's house and he went outside.

Sure enough, someone from Maple Leaf came.

Seeing that, Gyungsoo also put up his body and will fight the men from Maple Leaf who try to approach Honjun.

This is the link to read 'Return of the Bloodthirsty Police' or 'Reborn Killer' chapter 35 in Indonesian which you can find in the middle of the article.