'Mercenary Enrollment' Chapter 160 English, Everine Finally Knows Yuijin's Identity


Yujin tries to protect Everine to return the favor in the past. In the middle there is a link to read 'Mercenary Enrollment' chapter 160 in English.

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In addition to finding a link to read 'Mercenary Enrollment' chapter 160 in English, you can also see the past of Yuijin while still on the battlefield in the last chapter.

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In the manhwa 'High School Soldier' or 'Mercenary Enrollment' chapter 159, while receiving treatment in a foreign village, Yuijin tries to check the surrounding conditions.

When Yuijin went outside, he was greeted by a girl named Everine. She was one of the local residents.

Everine seemed very worried about Yuijin and she also seemed very friendly to Yuijin because they were the same age.

But the adults there asked Everine not to get too close to Yujin.

Apparently they know that Yuijin is not an ordinary child because the wounds he has are not wounds from just playing.

Yujin also began to be wary because he understood that this village was not an ordinary village because everyone carried weapons.

The Chieftain asked Yuijin to be kind to Everine since she had been looking after him for most of the night.

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The Chieftain said that this village was a village of mercenaries who gathered to rest and receive treatment.

The chief then requested that Yuijin leave the village as soon as he felt he was fully recovered.

It wasn't a village to settle down in so many people would soon leave to do other things.

Sure enough, on another day, the village was visited by looters who did not hesitate to harm the residents.

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Yujin heard a commotion outside and soon Everine came to the house where Yujin came and asked Yuijin to leave.

Unfortunately, there were some looters who entered the house and were about to attack Everine. Fortunately, Yuijin was there.

Yujin immediately attacked the looters and snatched the weapons from the bad guys. He tried to protect Everine and gave her time to escape.

Everine finally realized who Yuijin, who she thought was an ordinary boy, was a mercenary.

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