'Quest Supremacy' Chapter 109 Kim Soohyun Over Power


In chapter 109, Kim Soohyun defeated Heo Jintae easily because of the level difference, Heo Jintae who often tortured people who were weaker than him. Finally punished Kim Soohyun by absorbing his mana drain.

Heo Jitae who did not accept what Kim Soohyun did felt desperate.

Joyoon the No. 1 leader of North Gangbuk used his card to increase the stat of Heo Jintae to a higher level. 

Kim Soohyun who faced Heo Jintae again was initially overwhelmed by him, but after finding out why Heo Jintae's stat suddenly increased because of Joyoon.

Finally Kim Soohyun also used his card to increase his stat to a higher level.

Wait for what the second battle will be like in the upcoming chapter 110.