Monster Wind Breaker


Deokbong, or as he prefers to be called, Monster, is one of the favourites in the" League of Street" competition. His platoon is anticipated to win the competition due to their raw power and speed.

He used to play high academy football as a quarter back, wearing jersey# 13. He was known as" The Beast of Football" for his capability to dominate the field and run with the ball on his own. A knee injury during a game put a halt to his football career. His platoon won the American Junior Superbowl while he was on the sidelines. He was forced to give up his dream of playing football in the NFL and return back to Korea. To recover and get his knee back into shape, he cycled. ultimately he chose to pursue biking.

He still has a great relationship with his teammates back in USA. They plan on visiting Korea to watch the tests and cheer him on.
He's an honest and fair cyclist who's devoted to the sport. In round 3 of the tests, he initiated contact with the Humming raspberry Crew and went to shake Dom's hand in congratulation for a good race. He hates bad sportsmanship and when Juhwan, leader of the Spears crew, got injured from foul play, he paid him a visit at the sanitarium, enduing his rival a stuffed toy wolf. He pledged to Juhwan that he'd retaliate his crew and win against Sabbath.

It's seen and mentioned that he works out each the time piecemeal from sleeping and eating, he's addicted to working out and getting a better interpretation of himself. And he is seen sleeping in classes and only bringing drill tools in his pack, he uses every occasion to work out indeed when his schoolteacher calls him out to the reverse he'd use the chance to do syllables while the classes continue.

From what we have seen, Monster doesn't authorize of bullies and infact helps out those in trouble. It's enough fair to say Monster is a good person, And he's presumably in neutral or good terms with Hummingbird as in one of the panels it's also shown that Monster replies to a question that says" If there was a crew you'd be upset about, which crew would it be?" He replies saying Hummingbird.

An exercise freak that would carry weights to academy rather of his books.

When Owen Knight konek went to pick up some gear for his race against Jay, Monster requested a race against him. After loosing, he decided that after the league, he'd train to be a professional, assuming so that he can fight Owen again on the world stage.

After Trident's race against Sabbath, he swore to retaliate his peer. During the Five Team Survival race, he took it upon himself to keep both Wooin and Joker incheck.However, the Sabbath crew might not have made it into the tests, If Iron Star wasn't disqualified for cheating.
From what we have seen, he's on neutral terms with utmost of the characters and crews and he does not feel to mind Juhwan as much. But it's known that Juhwan openly dislikes Monster and constanly confronts him to a race saying he will beat him. The hate got worse when Juhwan brazened Monster about Sugyeong and Monster said," I want to help anything that causes muscle loss."

His relationship with the Trident Crew is unknown as he does not reply to Juhwans competitions nor does he really concentrate on them, but when Trident Crew got beaten by The Sabbath Crew we could see that Monster was visibly worried and indeed pledged to Juhwan he'd retaliate his crew.

His relationship with the Hummingbird Crew seems about it, it's veritably confusing as occasionally it looks like he feels hovered by Dom's progression and speed but occasionally it looks like he is proud. He is been seen on television saying if he was going to be bothered about one crew it would be hummingbird so I am assuming their relationship is on neutral terms since they don't communicate with eachother important.

Hold a maximum speed of 102 km( around 63mi/ hr) Until round 5 with the match against the Hummingbirds, Monster deliberately contended with a handicap. But right before their race, it was revealed that his biker jacket is ladened relatively heavily.