Character Vinny Hong Wind Breaker

Vinny is a altitudinous youthful man with wild, crimpy red hair and different multicolored eyes. One is red( left), and the other is black( right). This condition is called heterochromia. The color of his left eye and hair is cause by another condition called warden city. Both of his cognizance are pierced. He also has 2 intelligencers under his left eye. 

 People might describe him as a monster created by society. Vinny is seen by others as a dangerous lunatic, good for nothing and a freak, especially at the launch of the story. As a child, he was a sweet sprat who was constantly enduring teasing from his peers. Because of this, he puts up an emotional wall girding himself, bottling up his passions, and does not get on well with others.

 He cares deeply about his mama and doesn't tolerate anyone who disrespects his mama , not indeed her own tone deprecation. He frequently blames himself for the mischance bought upon his mama emotionally and physically. He has the tendency to be illogical when working problems, and was indeed willing to vend his bike to pay for his mama 's surgery.

 His nonage agreeableness does make an appearance formerly in a while. He displays a great deal of empathy, indeed while displaying it through hardened words. He stopped Sung from trying to commit self-murder because of bullying by telling him that if he has the courage to die, he should use it to change himself first. When the otakus were being bullied for the way they look and their interests, Vinny beats up the bullies because the whole situation reminded him of the time he was bullied. He gave retreat to Jay and Minu when they ran down from home and was willing to partake what little coffers he had. And he indeed allowed Dom to tag along with, indeed though he'd no reason to stay there. Despite the fact that Vinny is constantly telling them to go home, Vinny doesn't protest them out when they decided to stay.

 Vinny is a heavy slumberer and can sleep through utmost noises. A sure fire way to get him up is to mention food or have the scent of food air in his vicinity.        

As a child Vinny was bullied for the way he looked and had many musketeers. Minu defended Vinny from his nonage bully, Hwangyeon, the leader of the Ghost Crew. latterly, Vinny joined Minu and June as one of the first many members of Zephyrus Crew. According to June, Vinny was a better rider than Minu. 

 Vinny was raised by a single mama in poverty. His fiscal situation worsened due to Minu's father opening a superstore next to his mama 's intimately- possessed supermarket, which was named after him. Eventually in abecedarian academy, he was caught in a house fire and in an attempt to save him, both him and his mama were rehabilitated. His mama 's face entered 3rd degree becks , performing in a huge scar that covered half of her face. His peers, as well as the grown-ups around him, would dish about him and his mama , saying that he's some kind of albino or has a weird complaint with a monster of a mama . Vinny eventually snapped when his bullies bad- mouthed his mama and started to fight back. He came more aggressive and would berserk each over every little thing rather of meanly enduring the abuse like he did ahead. In academy, he gets beaten by preceptors and is frequently suspended for" ruining" the academy's image. Away from minding in a kindly haul- suchlike manner for his mama , Vinny does not have too numerous connections that may be considered seriously. He's constantly upset about her health but switches out because he does not know what to do. Before joining the Humming raspberry crew, Vinny was shown to not treat his mama veritably well. When he ran out of cash, he'd go to her for further despite knowing she is not in a good position to give either. But no matter how poorly she's treated, his mama noway stopped loving on him. After seeing how the death of Minu's mama affected his friend, Vinny told his mama that she can noway leave him, showing his vulnerability and fear for her health and safety.