Comic How to Fight Sinopsis

Manhwa Action 'How to Fight' Sinopsis

'How to Fight' comic can be an interesting choice to read because the story is quite dramatic. This comic is wrapped in the Action, Comedy genre, this comic is also known as 싸움독학 Comics.

How to Fight created by Park Taejoon was released in 2019 and currently has Ongoing status. 

Sinopsis How to Fight

This comic tells the story of a student named Yoo Hobin who was always the target of bullying and intimidated by strong students. But he always ignores it because of his thin and small constitution. In addition, his family also has an economy alias from a poor family.

In his school life, he is surrounded by budding YouTubers, but has a decent amount of subscribers. They also earn big bucks every time they do a live chinnel from the gifts given by the audience.

Long story short, he watched a YouTube video channel, none of which people watched. The video is a man wearing a chicken mask, showing various kinds of tricks that weak people can beat strong people.

While at school, he was suddenly bullied by his friend who was a YouTuber with strong content and disturbed him. Hobi then remembered the chicken head youtube video.

He was surprised that the tips given in the video were practiced to defeat the bully. Because the bully was the youtober who recorded the action, Hobi finally became famous.

Long story suddenly he invited his friend to make his own YouTube channel with the name How to Fight the content they will beat all the bullies at academy. Beyond common sense Hobin successfully conquered all his opponents ranging from academy goons to indeed a professional athlete.