Hummingbird Crew Wind Breaker


The Humming raspberry crew was formed by Minu, who decided to make a biking crew to join the" League of Street". His long- time friend June, who left his former crew with him, and the academy chairman, Jay joined the platoon. They were latterly joined by Shelly, an educated rider from England, and Dom, who prior to joining did not indeed enjoy a bike. Vinny, hopeless to find a crew to win the competition prize plutocrat, was the last addition to the crew completing the quintet to contend in the league.

Among all Minu's poor attempts at naming the crew other than" super cool" crew in which Jay explosively opposed to, they came up with" Hummingbird". The name" Hummingbird" was from the idea that a hummingbird can delirium its bodies 90As discipline for getting involved in a fight that was recorded and posted online, the boys, Vinny, Dom, Minu, and Jay, were all suspended from academy. On top of that, Jay was demurred off the pupil council and was no longer class chairman, to utmost of the council's disappointment. To get them ready for the up coming competition as well as give them a chance to abolish the suspense from their endless record, Dom, Minu, and Jay had to attend training counseled by Principle Nick. times per nanosecond.

Windbreaker- In their race against Scorpion, Minu came up with a strategy to direct their opponent's focus down from Jay. The plan was to have Dom and Vinny get marked in the morning of the race while Minu, Shelly, and Jay kept their pace in the reverse. At the last leg of the race, Minu would sprint to the front to break the opponent's tempo giving Jay an opening to sprint to first place

Slip sluice- Riding on the tail wind of the lead biker to minimise energy loss

Drafting Tactic- Lift in a straight line where the lead rider acts as a windbreaker for their crew to save energy for the final sprint. This tactic was used in their race against Asura.

Cerebral Warfare-Intimidating presence that demoralises their opponents.

The crew's totem was designed by Mia, their schoolmate and close friend. She donated to produce a design incompletely because it was her interest but also because of her crush on Jay. We see her working hard and sketching out designs on her tablet during academy. She had connections to a apparel company who helped her print the totem their livery.