Wooin Wind Breaker

Wooin Yoo is a character in Wind Swell, he's considered an antagonist due to his part in the doping scheme and the leader of the Sabbath Crew.

Wooin is shown to enjoy the exhilaration of fighting and when his orders goes to plan, He's also an adrenaline junkie as he rode his bike off the roof of a structure. During races, he's the type of cyclist to play dirty. When they contended against the Trident Crew, their thing wasn't to win with the most quantum of points but to fully annihilate the competition. He also apparently gets turned on by looking at how hopeless someone is. People would call him a atrociousness.

He has 7 visible piercings on his face one on his eyebrow, four on his left observance, and two on his right observance. His lingo has a tear in the middle of it( like a snake) and it also has a piercing. He has a tattoo on his left hand( letters on his fritters" D-E-A-D" and a cranium on his dorsum) He is also known for his hand each-black outfit and having a lollipop on his mouth.

His hand spectacles feel to be custom made as seen by the Sabbath Crew totem on the spectacles tabernacles.

His helmet is substantially covered in a design like snake skin, it also has two unheroic snake like pupils on top of it. When you look from hence it actually looks like a snake!

Joker- It should be noted that they're seen together utmost of the time. Wooin may be Joker's director in the underground pen fighting scene. Joker is suitable to stand his ground against Wooin when he tries to beneath cut him his share of the cut, Wooin thinks that Joker has a bad temper.( Joker threw a tennis ball into the wall after Wooin got upset at the fact he'd to apologize indeed though it wasnt his fault.)

Grim Reaper- Not important is known about their relationship. Grim Reaper does not feel like he's veritably good musketeers with Wooin or Joker. He tends to do his own thing and live his own life separated from the crew. Wooin thinks that Hyeok can not stand a nanosecond without attention.

Red tinted spectacles member- Seems to be a label-a-long. He's hysterical of Wooin after they find out he left substantiation of their doping scheme in the locker. He tries to work under Wooin's nose to get relieve of any substantiation but Wooin in on his case enough snappily.

Sungho Choi- Wooin's current employer. Wooin does not feel to like him important and is only using him as a source of entertainment. The plutocrat he gets from the errands are a good perk however.

" Man, I'm lost for words. You made us run errands and do all your dirty work. and now you want us to be your lab rats?"