Manhwa 'Baek XX' Chapter 46 English, Kaito realizes he chose the wrong opponent


In manhwa 'Baek XX' chapter 45, Ishizuka came to the headquarters of Taesan and met Tianxiang and Yoohwa. Seungmin tried to stop Ishizuka.

Ishizuka rushed in and asked Tianxiong to come with his boss immediately. Tianxioan is confused and upset.

Tianxiong said he didn't understand whose boss Ishizuka was referring to and that he would only follow Dokyung.

Ishizuka gets angry and attacks Tianxiong, but before things get worse, Seungmin stops them.

Seungmin says that Dokyung will be here soon and he asks Tianxiang and Yoohwa to come with him.

On the other side, Oni manages to defeat Ryu but Ryu gets back up and says that he won't lose.

Shogo also said that the power of Ryu's gang is over because Ryu's men have given up with the position of his boss who seems weakened now.

Currently the position of Ryu's gang has been taken by Oyama Shogo and it is likely that he is increasingly with Chairman Jang.

Elsewhere, when Ishizuka came out of the Taesan building, he met Yisoo and Shion.

Yisoo also fought with Ishizuka who was famous for being unable to have pain but Yisoo knew that a person's body had certain limits.

For the first time, Ishizuka felt fear as she lived in a harsh world. Now Yisoo was in control of the battle position.