Return of the Bloodthirsty Police


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Return of the Bloodthirsty Police is a Korean action web comic produced by Ko Jin-ho. The story is written by Lee Je-hwan, and the drawing is handled by Lee Yoon-gyun. This comic has updated the first chapter from 1 to 6 since yesterday, which is Friday, April 14, 2023.

“ Return of the murderous Police, ” a witching manhwa that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this action- packed series, written by LEE Je Hwan and illustrated by LEE Yoon- Kyoon, we follow the gripping story of an ignominious homicide named ‘Bi-Gwang ’ who reincarnates as a police officer named ‘ Kim Gyeongsoo ’ after being betrayed and killed by the association he formerly worked for. Fueled by revenge, Kim Gyeongsoo vows to take down the association of killers known as ‘ Hwaguksa ’ that betrayed him. 

The Plot Unveiled

 In “ Return of the murderous Police, ” albums are taken on a thrilling trip as they witness the transformation of a professed homicide into a grim police officer. The manhwa explores themes of disloyalty, vengeance, and justice, immersing albums in a world of pitfall, action, and suspense. As Kim Gyeongsoo navigates the treacherous path of law enforcement, he must defy his history and face redoubtable adversaries, all while unraveling the secrets behind the association that wronged him. 

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Join the Adventure

still, intricate plotlines, and witching characters, If you ’re a addict of thrilling action. Follow Kim Gyeongsoo’s trip as he navigates the dangerous world of law enforcement while seeking justice and revenge. .