'Looksim' Chapter 472 Epic Battle of 4 Crew Men

Since then he has lived with 2 bodies alternately for 24 hours, while at school he uses a beautiful body and while working part-time at the store he uses an ugly body.

The change in Park Hyung Seok's life became more beautiful than before. Interesting, isn't it?

This comedy storyline somehow feels close to everyday life, especially about school life and the harsh bullying culture that will occur if you look "more" different from others.

Looksim Chapter 472 Spoiler

In the previous chapter, after defeating the Allied, Hangyeol felt proud of the No.1 monster, Ilhaehwe, which came from the experiment.

Hangyeol thought that if the 4 man crew also joined forces against Monster No.1 he was sure he could win.

But a plot occurred 4 man crew who had previously fainted from exhaustion suddenly regained consciousness.

They also joined forces to fight monster No.1 Ilhaehwe.

Lookism Chapter 472 Spoiler Release Date

Now that we know when Lookism Chapter 472 Raw overlook will come out, suckers are in for a real treat. suckers have been watching with bated breath for the raw checkup of Chapter 472 to come out on Oct 23, 2023. 

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Our Review

Lookism Chapter 472 concludes the thrilling struggle that has concentrated compendiums . Hudson Ahn faces a delicate task in this instigative occasion. This chapter will conclude the story due to its numerous surprises and plot twists. Explore lookism in this chapter that will leave you wanting further. Lookism is climbing to the top of manga because of its interesting plot and well- rounded characters. The plot twist has suckers on edge.