Minu Yun Wind Breaker

Minu Yoon


Minu Yoon or Yoon Min- Woo is one of the main characters in the webtoon series Wind Swell. He attends Sunny High School, He has a love relationship with Mia and is good musketeers with June, Vinny Hong, Jay Jo, Dom Kang, and Shelly.

Minu is a high academy inferior with auburn- colored hair shaved at the sides and arched eyebrows. He generally wears dark trousers, a white shirt, a pale- unheroic sweater vest, and a red blazer to academy. His skin is a little scourged and his eyes have a dark brown colour. The right side of his face is now adorned with a scar from the auto assault.

Before knowing Yuna was Minu's binary, Dom noted to himself that Minu looks veritably analogous to his crush.

Minu is quite a simple and good joe. He's pious to his words and his musketeers and seems to be a rather pure joe. When people provoke him he most likely cascade for it since he's veritably emotional and impulsive. likewise he's really tough and can endure some pain just as he did during the race against TJ indeed though his leg was injured or when he got beat up by the joe who blackmailed Jay and meddled up Mia's academy life. This joe does not really watch about plutocrat and stays true to his principles.

Minu is quick to incense when someone he cherishes is hovered . He was quick to assume Jay had commodity to do with the prints posted when Vinny mentioned fining the filmland on a thumb drive that Jay dropped. And when Jay and Vinny cleared up the situation, he jumped head first into a fight with the Ghost crew with zero backup.However, he'd have been injured more oppressively, If it were not for Dom and Vinny appearing in the nick of time.

But with feelings similar as saddness or stress, he tends to bottle them up and pretend that everything is okay. After his mama 's end, asides the angry outburst when his father and step mama made an appearance at his mama 's burial, Minu bounced back as if nothing changed. When walking after academy with Mia, they encountered a happy family, father and son playing catch in the demesne. The image must have sparked a memory of his own nonage and suddenly, the sluice of gashes burst open. His body forced him to cry due to the anguish he must have been facing.

Minu has a complicated relationship with his family. After the death of Yunmin on his mama 's birthday, his mama entwined into depression and was ultimately admitted into a psychiatric ward. From Minu's perspective, his father abandoned his mama and set up a new woman , but in reality, Minu's mama asked for them to get a divorce and his father ultimately got happiness from someone differently. It seems like his father got a new woman and does not have contact with his kiddies' mama but exact information aren't given. Minu is shown visiting his mama constantly, always bringing fresh flowers with him and a happy persona. In recent chapters, Minu's mama succumbed to her depression and passed away when she was getting transferred for another evaluation.

As a sprat, he was always girdled by a sentry who were ordered to take care of him. Back in the days, Minu sounded to have lived quite a happy life with his family. Unfortunately, effects have changed. His father owns a huge and successful company and earns a lot of plutocrat what caused the people around Minu to try to get near him for their own benefit. Minu himself noticed it and also started to' wear a mask' and play a part. In occasion 17, Minu surrendered the plutocrat his father gave him and left home to live with Jay Jo.

It was suggested at that Minu's leg injury may have been caused by Vinny Hong, despite them being close nonage musketeers.

Impressed by his cycling chops, Minu approaches Jahyeon Jo one morning and invites him to join his biking crew, Jahyeon declines and he takes hisleave.At the end of the day, Minu returns and informs Jahyeon of one of his crew members who had been trash talking his bike and that he'd been challenged to a race. He leaves, telling Jahyeon where the race would take place should he change his mind. Minu is relieved when he arrives on timeThe coming day, he crosses paths with Jahyeon in the academy hallway and snappily congratulates him on his palm, having seen the footage from the race. On his way home, he spots Jahyeon looking beat up and approaches him and fellow Sunny High School pupil Hannam Kang. 

Hannam explains that Jahyeon was beaten up by Mountain High School scholars and Minu realizes Taejin had done so because he was still sore about losing the race. He unfeignedly apologizes for involving him in his crew's business but Jahyeon skirmishes him off. He tries to get the other to seek medical attention but is continuously refused. Fed up with their reverse and forth, Hannam knocks Jahyeon out and the two take him to the drugstore.