Looksim 471 Spoiler

In manhwa 'Lookism' chapter 470, Daniel is still in a state of unconsciousness, now he has to fight Vasco, Juntae and Wonseok.

Daniel mimics every technique the three of them have until they can't beat him.

Juntae tried to create space for his friends to attack again, but Daniel copied his technique and Juntae was knocked out using a boxing technique.

Wonseok tried to attack again with the last of his strength but he was defeated with a Muay Thai technique.

Even though Vasco, Juntae, and Wonseok attacked together, they could not defeat him.

Soon they felt someone with great strength and that person was Jinyoung, a member of generation 0.

Daniel immediately attacked Jinyoung and Jinyoung became increasingly curious about one of his experimental objects.

Jinyoung still didn't know that Daniel and Hyunseok's bodies were the same person but in different bodies. They both fought.

Daniel copied Gabryoung's fighting style and Jinyoung thought it was a premature technique since Daniel didn't have as much experience as Gabryoung.

Now Jinyoung would attack Daniel with all his might. Although Jinyoung lost, he still managed to inject the antidote into the drug injected into Daniel.

Daniel fell and slowly regained consciousness. Daniel woke up in his dream and met someone who looked like him.

This person said that everyone's main enemy was the real Choi Dongsoo. This is very confusing.

Suddenly, Ilhwae monsters appeared. Monster number 1 has a large body and muscles.