Webtoon Ticket Hero


The initial plot tells the main character named Lee Kyungho about to try to commit suicide from the bridge into the sea. However, he was saved and did not die. The action attracted the attention of an Angel of Death named Shira.

Lee was suicidal because he wanted to see his dead mother. He also couldn't bear living alone at home every time he went to school and was often the target of his friends' mischief.

The Grim Reaper Shira finally met him to offer him a ticket. He also mentioned that Lee's suicide was useless because his mother's spirit was not in the afterlife. Because his mother's spirit is still roaming the earth because it is still blocked by a cause.

Long story short, Lee accepted the ticket with the offer of a lifespan transaction. He gets a ticket and can use the power of a dead spirit.

Lee accidentally saved a conglomerate's son and became his guardian. He finally accepted the job to fulfill his ordinary life. At the same time, he wants to find his mother's spirit to help him calm down and return to the realm of the dead.

On his journey there are many exciting and interesting stories and various powers of the world's strongest legendary spirits that he uses. It makes the friends who used to intimidate him afraid and the opponents he faces tremble.