'Looksim' Chapter 472 The Battle Reaches the Climax!!! Kim Junggo

 In the former chapter the 4 man crew was shown to be united to fight monsterno. 1 ilhaehwe. And in chapter 472, the 4 man crew fought monsterno. 1 Ilhaehwe they worked together to conquer it and defeated it. still, Monsterno. 1 is an experimental body, Baek Hangyeol who saw it defeated again fitted liquid into the bodyno. 1 and the monster revived indeed stronger. 

Hangyeol said he wanted to make this monster as strong as Lee Dogyu a member of the empty Generation. In the midst of a battle where the 4 man crew is exhausted and monsterno. 1 is getting tougher.


There was someone who came and that person was Kim Junggo, Junggo didn't come as an alliance of Ilhaehwe. He came to help Seonggun Automatically Junggo is on the Allied side.

 Junggo also offered to clean up Ilhaehwe'sno. 1 by being paid in plutocrat. The payment was 10 billion Won. 

What will be in the coming chapter? I suppose Yohan and Daniel will get fighting ways from Kim Junggo by copying them.

 Lookism tells the story of a character named Park Hyung Seok. Park Hyung Seok firstly had a hopeless character, liked to complain about his fate, and demanded confidence. But with Park Hyung Seok's beautiful body, he's now a youthful man who's kind, always trying, and more confident. At first, Park Hyung Seok was fat and had an unattractive face, so he was always the victim of bullies at academy. 

With his miserable condition, he likes to complain about his fate. In the end Park Hyung Seok's mama set up out about her son's fate and transferred him to another academy. still, suddenly one day when he woke up, Park Hyung Seok turned into a altitudinous and handsome figure. 

Since also he has lived with 2 bodies alternatively for 24 hours, while at academy he uses a beautiful body and while working part- time at the store he uses an unattractive body.

 The change in Park Hyung Seok's life came more beautiful than ahead. intriguing, is not it? The plot wrapped in this comedy ever feels close to everyday life, especially about academy life and the harsh culture of bullying that will do if you look" further" different from others.