Owen Knight Wind Breaker

Owen Knight is the creator and member of Light Cavalry cyclist platoon. He joined Sunny High to stay closer with his nonage friend Shelly and forfend off her passions for Jay.

Owen Knight is said to be close to the crews( Maka & La Crew and MSH Crew) who spread road riding culture In New York. He was said to have followed them around and came musketeers with their members and cycled together. also, in his beginner time of high academy, he went back to England and formed a world- notorious crew with his athlete musketeers called Light Cavalry.

Owen is a good looking rich joe with golden hair and striking blue eyes. Its height is about 190 centimeters. When he first made an appearance at Sunny High School hoping to surprise Shelly, not indeed the mask and chapeau he wore could cover up the fact he was handsome. He's altitudinous and fit and he strides the academy hallways as if they were his particular cat walk. Whenever he is with Shelly, he's further suggestive and freely gives her grins but when not in her presence, Owen generally wears a knowing boo or gapes you down with a cold light.

He's also veritably swish. Being a youthful and successful professional cyclist, we assume he either makes a lot of plutocrat to spend on luxury brands, or they finance him with free wares.

Reading the wind/ air currents An bystander reflected he rides in zigzags. This is because to perform at optimal speed, he rides with the wind. Shelly informed the group that ever since they were kiddies he could read wind currents. He's indeed suitable to tell if the wind will bring rain latterly on in the day. This was displayed when he brought his marquee to academy indeed though the rainfall cast prognosticated a sunny day. This skill comes in handy during fights as well since he can smell the punch indeed without looking.

Spare In- the fashion he used against Jay in their race. The rider would cycle along the curve of the side walk lip to maintain their constant speed.