'Wind Breaker' Chapter 469 English, Vinny's Defeat and Lost Things

Songha saw Vinny's defeat and Vinny realized that he lost a lot of things. Check out the link to read 'Wind Breaker' chapter 469 in English.

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Before accessing the link to read 'Wind Breaker' chapter 469 in Indonesian in the middle of the article, you can see Vinny being surrounded by Joker and Wooin in the last chapter.

In manhwa 'Wind Breaker' chapter 468, Vinny is now fighting for the leading position with Kwon Hyuk.

Vinny felt Dejavu when racing with Kwon Hyuk and he tried his best to speed up his pedaling.

Kwon Hyuk turns out to have a different way of pedaling than Vinny and doesn't look like he's pushing his energy.

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Even Kwon Hyuk wasn't bothered by the many people passing by on the city streets.

Kwon Hyuk was able to avoid those people and take the fastest path of the route and that made Songha remember something.

Songha knew that Kwon Hyuk had started his career from the professional track so the way he pedaled was very good.

In addition, Kwon Hyuk is also a genius because he can find the fastest path from all the routes he chooses.

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atOptions = { 'key' : '85f77c23e08598f85b8a367d060ee9ec', 'format' : 'iframe', 'height' : 90, 'width' : 728, 'params' : {} }; document.write(''); That ability is not possessed by Vinny who seems to be in a hurry because he is only concerned with the strength of his legs.

Sure enough, Vinny was overwhelmed by the match, not to mention now Wooin and Joker were working together to hold Vinny back.

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Link to read manhwa 'Wind Breaker' chapter 469 in English

The Ghost Crew's defeat was in sight, as Vinny began to remember the precious things he was trying to protect by taking this step.

Songha also knew the outcome of this wild race and he realized that Sabbath Crew would be the winner of this gamble.